16 Nov 2014
Professional Recognition by HKICPA

Graduate of the MSAC program are eligible for direct entry to the HKICPA QP, provided that they have set and passed all the MSAC core courses and the prescribed elective course “ACCT 5220 – International Treasury Management”.

For non-business degree holders graduated from MSAC program, apart from the above requirement, student must also take the following prescribed pre-core course(s) in which they are deficient so as to satisfy the pre-entry education requirements for admission to the QP:

ACCT 2010 Accounting
ECON 2103 Economics
ISOM 2010 Information Systems
MGMT 1110 Management
MARK 2120 Marketing
ISOM 2500 Statistics

For other detail information about this accreditation, please click here.

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